Importance of Local SEO in Fort Lauderdale


Search Engine Optimization has been a mainstay internet marketing technique and tool for decades now; to be precise, ever since the inception of search engines. At infancy, link building was king. Every Fort Lauderdale SEO expert was devising different ways and means of increasing the number of inbound links. However, due to unscrupulous methods of garnering inbound links, Google and other search engine companies curtailed the influence of inbound links, recognizing only high-quality inbound links. 


The evolution of search engine algorithms did not stop with the refinement of inbound links; and neither did SEO. The new trend in the world of SEO is optimizing websites for local content. 


Local SEO is very much similar to organic SEO. However, local SEO in Fort Lauderdale also sports some unique differences to organic SEO; case-in-point, since search results are optimized to yield highly localized results, local SEO optimizes websites for local searches. 


Regardless of what local SEO is and how different it may or may not be from other forms of SEO, to business owners and marketers the most important consideration is whether local SEO is relevant to their businesses or not. With this in mind, we will look at what makes local SEO important to businesses. 


#1. Searches For Local Content Has Increased Tremendously – With the proliferation of smartphones and other mobile devices, searching for content whilst on the go has become a norm. Google reckons that one in every three queries are local search, and the number of people using mobile devices to search for content on the internet has risen to 87% of all queries. 


With this in mind, one has to concede that searching for content on the internet has taken a local dimension, and the relevance of a business’ website is now, more than ever, pegged on local SEO. 


#2. Local SEO Yields Higher Conversion Rates – Considering the fact people conduct local searches with the intent of buying goods or services near them, local SEO in Ft. Lauderdale has shown to produce the highest amount of conversion rates amongst all the SEO techniques available. This makes local SEO, not only relevant but very much the best technique to use to optimize your website. 


#3. Local SEO Is Cheaper – Unlike other traditional SEO techniques and tools that were very expensive to implement, Local SEO is cheaper. For instance, it is free to claim your local listing on Google Maps through their Googles Places platform. Additionally, only about 10% of businesses have claimed this listing. Claiming yours today will give you the competitive edge for next to nothing. 


#4. Local SEO Produces The Greatest Return On Investment – Since local SEO yields the greatest exposure for your business in the local environment, whilst requiring very little investment of your hard earned money, local SEO tends to have the greatest return on investment. This makes hiring a local Fort Lauderdale SEO agency one of the most effective and efficient online marketing strategies available today.


#5. Mobile Internet Usage Is Only Growing – The population of people using mobile devices to search for content (goods and services) is only set to grow. The number of people accessing the internet through mobile devices has been on an increasing trajectory. There are no signs that this trend will ease, but rather every indication points towards increasing mobile internet usage. This means that local SEO is set to reassert its place as the best marketing practice in the future.